Honda V4 Valve Adjustment Technical Bulletin

This page was converted to HTML by Cameron Simpson from the scan by Robyn Landers.

Valve Adjustment Procedure

Adjust the valves using appropriate shop manual procedures, with the following exceptions:
  1. After the No. 1 piston is at Top Dead Center of the compression stroke, install the camshaft holder.
    camshaft holder
    Slide the "claw" under the end of the camshaft and rest the positioning tab on the surface of the cylinder head. Slip the "ring" over the head of the camshaft journal bolt.
  2. Finger tighten the adjusting knob. This will raise the camshaft up into the camshaft holder.
    NOTE: Do not overtighten the adjusting knob. The tool may be damaged if overtightened.
  3. Adjust the valve using the two feeler gauge method; insert the feeler gauge for each valve that shares a common rocker arm.
    feeler gauges
  4. Adjust the remaining valves using the camshaft holder in the same manner as the No. 1 cylinder. CAUTION: The tool may be damaged if left in place while the crankshaft is rotated.