Paul Marriott

Hard at WorkProfessor

Teaching Assignment Spring 06

STAT 231 Statistics

CM 361/STAT 341 Computational  Statistics and Data Analysis

Current Research Interests:

Application of Geometry to Theoretical Statistics:

I am currently working on using geometric ideas, for example differential or convex geometry in Statistics, a good summary of this work can be found in the CUP volume with Mark Salmon [10]. Recently I have been working on using geometric methods to understand mixture models, [6]  gives a general introduction to the idea of a local mixture model which is developed in  [2, 4]. Also some considerations of global geometric issues in statistics can be found in [1, 8].

Applied Stochastic Modelling:

I have worked on a broad range of applied projects across many subject areas; these include  Material Science  [5, 14, 19],  Linguistics [13] , Applied Mathematics [20], Physics [9] and Medical Statistics [3, 15, 17, 18].

Selected Publications:

  1. Marriott P and Vos P., (2004), On the global geometry of parametric models and information recovery,  Bernoulli, 10 (2), 1-11
  2. Critchley, F,  and Marriott P, (2004),  Data informed influence analysis,  Biometrika 91, 1
  3. Ribeiro S, Pereira A, Gao Z, Lin S, Gervasoni D, Marriott P, Lavine M, Nicolelis MAL. (2004)  REM  sleep is a noisy mode of offline neuronal processing.  Soc  Neurosci Abst 30:  324.10
  4. Marriott, P  (2003), On the Geometry of Measurement Error Models,  Biometrika 90, 3.
  5. Jeynes C, N.P.Barradas, P.K.Marriott, M.Jenkin, E.Wendler, G.Boudreault, R.P.Webb, (2003)  Elemental thin film depth profiles by ion beam analysis using simulated annealing - a new tool, J.Phys.D: Appl. Phys. 36
  6. Marriott, P  (2002) , On the local geometry of Mixture Models,  Biometrika, 89, 1, pp 77-89
  7. Critchley, F, Marriott PK and Salmon M, (2002) On Preferred Point Geometry in Statistics,  JSPI, 102, 229-245
  8. Marriott P and West S, (2002),  On the Geometry of Censored Models,  Calcutta  Statistical  Association Bulletin  52, pp 235-250.
  9. Crowder, M, Ledford A, and PK Marriott, (2001) Lifetime prediction from only present age: fact or fiction? Phys Lett A 280 309-311
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  23. Critchley, F, Marriott PK and Salmon M, (1993) Preferred Point Geometry and Statistical Manifold, Annals Statist 21   p1197-1224.





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