Classical Modular Polynomials


Here are the coefficients for the classical modular polynomials phi_l, for all prime l < 354. These were computed, for l < 200, while I was at Hewlett-Packard in Palo-Alto in 1998-1999 on an MSRI research fellowship. The computation time required was about four weeks on a 400 MHz Pentium processor. My colleague at HP, Gadiel Seroussi, extended this computation further for all prime l < 360.

The polynomials are available as gzipped ASCII files containing, in decimal notation, the coefficients of the modular polynomials. readme1. A file explaining the format of the decimal ASCII files.
The polynomials. A directory of the gzipped files.

Thanks to Luis Finotti who wrote a python script to convert the old binary compressed version of some of these files into more human readable ascii (and decimal).

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