GEOMETRIA is an interactive application in solid geometry.
It allows you, the user, to perform various actions upon solids as if holding them in your hands. With GEOMETRIA, solids can be measured, cut, joined, built from scratch using a smart xy-grid, drawn upon. Resolutions can be reviewed, saved, e-mailed to a friend. The standard package contains 60 sample problems with resolutions. Users may build their own problems, share them with other users or submit them for inclusion in the nearest upgrade. GEOMETRIA is a Java program, which means you can run it just as well on a PC (Windows, Linux) or Sun machine.
POLYHEDRON is Geometria's DOS grandfather.
Although lacking the strengths of windowing, its vivid graphics and animated interludes still look impressive.

The Author

Stelian Dumitrascu has been teaching mathematics for 21 years, in former USSR and Romania. He works now as Systems Engineer at a company in Ottawa, Ontario. You may call him at (613) 727-6277 x2420 or e-mail at

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