Journal Submissions

Papers for JOT Theory should be send to one of the 5 main editors, not to me.

Papers for IEOT should be submitted online.

Papers for HJM or CAS can be send directly to me by email as a pdf.
Be sure that the SUBJECT LINE says "Submission" and the journal name (JOT, IEOT, HJM, CAS).
Please list all authors and the title of your paper.
If you do not receive a reply within a week, assume that it was not received.

A paper can always be sent to the main offices of the journal,
and it will then be sent to one of the editors at the discretion
of the central office.  

Email to:

Do not send a .tex file at this stage.
We will not process a TeX file at the submission stage. 
Please note that it is entirely your responsibility
that any electronic file sent actually prints properly. 

IEOT has an online submission system. Even if you submit directly to me,
you will be asked to resubmit in that manner---but you can request me as an editor.

The journals that I edit each have a LaTeX style file. It is not necessary that papers adhere to this style at the time of submission. However if your paper is accepted, you will have to put the paper into the appropriate style at that time. Please visit the journal web site to obtain information about this.

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