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P52: Multidimensional self-affine sets: non-empty interior and the set of uniqueness
P51: Some properties of even moments of uniform random walks
P50: Local dimensions of measures of finite type
P49: Two-dimensional self-affine sets with interior points, and the set of uniqueness
P48: Growth degree classification for finitely generated semigroups of integer matrices
P47: Base d expansions with digits 0 to q - 1
P46: Sporadic Reinhardt polygons, II
P45: On a family of self-affine sets: topology, uniqueness, simultaneous expansions Maple Code for Lemma 7.6
Bounding boxes for Lemma 7.6
P44: There are no two non-real conjugates of a Pisot number with the same imaginary part
P43: Three Series for the Generlized Golden Mean
P42: The minimal growth of a k-regular sequence
P41: On cycles for the doubling map which are disjoint from an interval
P40: Sporadic Reinhardt Polygons
P39: Extremal sequences of polynomial complexity
P38: A Multi-dimensional analogue of Cobham's Theorem for Fractals
P37: Negative Pisot and Salem numbers as roots of Newman polynomials
P36: Some Comments on Garsia Numbers Java Code
Garsia Polynomials to degree 40
P35: An explicit counterexample to the Lagarias-Wang finiteness conjecture
P34: Stolarsky's Conjecture and the Sum of Digits of Polynomial Values
P33: The Sum of Digits of n and n2
P32: Infinite Barker Series
P31: A Lower bound for Garsia's Entropy for certain Bernoulli convolutions. Maple Code
P30: Fekete-like polynomials. Data
P29: Groebner Basis, Resultants and the generalized Mandelbrot Set
P28: Patterns and Periodicity in a Family of Resultants
P27: Beta-expansions for infinite families of Pisot and Salem numbers
P26: More variations on the Sierpinski Sieve Maple Code
P25: Tiles in Quasi-Crystals with Quartic Irrationality
P24: Beta-expansions of Pisot and Salem numbers Maple Code
P23: On Univoque Pisot numbers
P22: The Monic Transfinite Diameter Table (pdf), Table (postscript)
P21: Comments on the Spectra of Pisot Numbers
P20: New techniques for bounds on the total number of prime factors of an odd perfect number. Maple Code and Tests (no output)
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Output available upon request
(over 600 M compressed, 5 G uncompressed)
P19: Zeros of Polynomials with Cyclotomic Coefficients
P18: A Classification of (some) Pisot Cyclotomic Numbers
P17: On Z-modules of algebraic numbers Corrigendum to "On Z-modules of algebraic numbers"
P16: On the height of the Sylvester Resultants
P15: More on the total number of prime factors of an odd perfect number Maple Code and Tests
(29 M compressed)
P14: Generalized Gorshkov-Wirsing Polynoimals and the Integer Chebyshev Problem Additional Tables
Data for tables (30 M compressed )
P13: Further Results on Derived Sequences
P12: The Structure of the Spectra of Pisot Numbers Maple Code
P11: The Mahler measure of Polynomials with odd coefficients
P9: Reverse Symbolic Computations, the identify function
P8: Pisot numbers and the Spectra of Real numbers (PhD Thesis)
P7: Non-trival Quadratic Approximations to zero of a family of Cubic Pisot Numbers
P6: General Forms for Minimal Spectral Values For a Class of Quadratic Pisot Numbers
P5: Some Computations on the Spectra of Pisot and Salem Numbers
P4: Perfect k,r-Latin Squares
P3: Multisectioning Rational Poly-Exponential Functions and Parallel Computation (Master's Thesis)
P2: Some applications of the LLL algorithm

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