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Jack Rehder

Executive Officer, Dean of Mathematics



I have a variety of tastes in music. I play piano (Classical, mostly). But I love going to the clubs and listening to the latest Dance music. When I'm just relaxing, I really enjoy listening to Abba (I can hear the groans now), and Roch Voisin is one of my favourite Canadian singers. Want a blast from the past? Listen to my favourite group from high school!!


I admit it - I am not the typical "educated" traveller, visiting historic sites and touring galleries and museums. I love the sun, and I usually travel south for a week or two during the winter. What do I do on vacation? Cruise, Drink, Suntan, Dance, Read, Drink, Walk, Swim, Drink, Shop, and Party. Seriously, I do like to walk/bike/drive around whereever I go, and I always manage to meet with a few of the locals. Oh, and maybe have a drink with them...


Next category, please, Alex....


I am a full-time staff member of the Dean's Office. I oversee the operations of the Faculty, including (but not limited to) finances, staffing, space, policies and procedures. Naturally, I do not do all of this myself; key members of the Dean's Office (Udaya for finances; Gina for Health and Safety and Space) are but two of my key assistants.

In my past life, I was a staff member in Computer Science. I oversaw the Instructional Support Group, which is a group of dedicated staff members, tutors (usually co-op students) and graduate TAs. I also have taught several Computer Science courses over the years, and I especially miss not teaching first-year students in the fall term.


I studied here at UW as an undergraduate in the Mathematics Faculty several years ago (no dates). Soon after graduation, I joined the Computer Science Department as a full time tutor for CS100. For several years, I continued to take Computer Science courses on a part-time basis.

I graduated with my MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Wilfrid Laurier University.

I joined the Dean's Office in 2005.

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