Restaurants and pubs

Restaurants - Lunch

There are several places on campus for a quick lunch, including the Student Life Centre (where construction is happening, very near the talks), and the Davis Centre (on the side closer to the MC building), and the Grad House (walk South, past the rock garden, from where the talks are, and look for the old-looking farmhouse). Easily the best such place is upstairs in South Campus Hall, the building South of the grad house right on the intersection of Ring Road and Seagram.

Only slightly further away, the University Plaza surrounds the intersection of University Ave and Philip St, and is hard to miss. There are over 30 restaurants there, most of which are inexpensive and good for lunch. Some highlights, listed roughly in increasing order of distance from QNC, include:

Restaurants - Dinner

In Uptown Waterloo near the Delta Hotel, options include:

Cheaper (under $20 entrees)


A number of cheaper options are also available near University/King, right by the Laurier Hotel. Some restaurants worth the trip are also further away in Kitchener to the South, such as The Berlin, the Belmont Bistro and the Grand Trunk Saloon.


Some good places for drinks include

The 'pub of the night' for each night is as follows - see you there!