From: Gabriel Barna

Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2021 10:48 AM
Subject: OHS Math64 impact on my life
Hello All,
I have enjoyed all these threads down Memory Lane. Personally, I do not remember details, but I still am grateful for the impact Mr. Russell had on my life. His philosophy of ?math is simple, if you know it there is no reason you should not get 100% on your math test? and ?you know you are ready for the math test if you can go to a movie the night before the test? resonated with me. I believe that the wisdom in his statements put me on the track to a rewarding technical career. Obviously, I had major challenges in my 35 years at Texas Instruments, but his belief behind the simplicity and beauty of math was - in some sense - a guiding light that propelled me forward. His memory will be with me always, enforced by the fact that I still use his name as one of my passwords.
To complete this circle, after retirement I spent a decade as a volunteer tutoring high school math to underprivileged adults and kids. I firmly believe - from my own experience - that a solid foundation in math is the key to a good career. It was a good way to pay-forward the benefits I have earned.
Incidentally, the years since my retirement in 2007 have also been spent traveling the world and taking photographs; a hobby I have seriously pursued since my days in the dark-room in the Otto Mass Chemistry building at McGill. We have take trips from Norway to Patagonia, and from African safaris to trips in the far east. I lugged 35 lbs. of photo gear on these trips. The link to the best ~1200 photos are all set-ups, and can be seen on my site
Looking forward to the meeting tomorrow.