I agree, for those who have something ready to go. Here is my LinkedIn profile.
You bet, it's public, selective, sanitized and oriented to advancing my career when I thought I had one (RIP 2008-2009 financial crisis). But my inner voyage over the last 60 years has been often mystifying even to me, with too many false starts and disappointments, and who wants to hear about that?
High points were (1) Yale, where my education succeeded brilliantly in preparing me for a life after work, but also for (2) the two years I spent teaching in China in an incredible interim between the horrors of the Maoist Cultural Revolution and explosive capitalism and (3) the last five years In Paris, where I am officially the "conjoint" of my diplomat wife, Pamela: "Elle travaille, j'en profite." Indeed, Pamela, who I met in Toronto in 1974 after an aborted academic effort in California and pursuit by the INS, has been the stabilizing bedrock of my life since.
Curious to see how many of us (boys) have adopted beards post-retirement. Also surprised to discover no other lawyers in evidence, since that was the default career path for humanities majors without an academic vocation when I graduated. PS: close textual analysis of poetry is excellent preparation for aggressive tax planning but you need to have quantitative smarts as well, as most of you seem to have displayed.