The last GAP conference

A brief history of GAP

The Geometry and Physics series of conferences/workshops began in 2009, at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, ON. The founding organizers of GAP were: Marco Gualtieri (University of Toronto), Spiro Karigiannis (University of Waterloo), Ruxandra Moraru (University of Waterloo), and McKenzie Wang (McMaster University). For the first four years, the conference focused on three separate themes connecting geometry and physics, resulting in a very large number of diverse and interesting talks. Since 2013, GAP has narrowed its focus, choosing a single theme and inviting a small number of speakers to each give a series of lectures on different aspects of the chosen theme. Beginning in 2015, GAP greatly expands from a 3-day event to a 6-day one, allowing for a deeper treatment of the topics of the conference.


There's another, different GAP. Our series of conference started out being called Connections in Geometry and Physics. We later shortened the name to GAP: Geometry and Physics, unaware of a previously existing and similar conference series that also goes by the same name, whose history can be found here. One can distinguish between the two as follows: we use the format GAP yyyy where yyyy is the current year, and they use GAP xx where xx is the consecutive number of their conference. However, since they rightfully laid claim to the GAP name before us, we may change our name at some point, once we can think of a nice, catchy acronym. Any clever suggestions would be welcome!

Past GAP conferences


Over the years, financial support has been provided by the following institutions.