We are holding an on-line workshop "Open Problems in Algebraic Combinatorics" in the week May 3 - 7 (of this year). There will be three topics (with some speakers as listed):

  1. Equiangular lines, tight frames and SIC-POVMS. (Jon Yard, Joey Iverson)
  2. Erdos-Ko-Rado problems on groups. (Karen Meagher, Nathan Lindzey)
  3. Uniform mixing in quantum walks. (Ada Chan,...)

If you wish to attend the lectures, email Chris Godsil and he will have you added to the mailing list (for zoom links etc.).

More information will appear here in due course.


(Tentative.) Here. The plan is that each talk will be followed by an hour of discussion.

Recordings of Lectures

  1. May 3 (??)



For further information, contact Chris Godsil.