Supplementary material

The authorship of this material varies, and is included as part of the item.
  1. Hints for selected exercises in Chapters 3-5, 12, 13, 15. These were prepared by Robin Christian.
  2. A 27-vertex graph that is vertex-transitive and edge-transitive but not l-transitive.
  3. Another construction of the Coxeter graph.
  4. Map Graphs. This includes a proof of Hedetniemi's conjecture for 3-colourable graphs.
  5. An Orthogonality Graph.
  6. Moore graphs. (This includes a version of G. Higman's proof that a Moore graph with diameter two and valency 57 cannot be vertex transitive.)
  7. Partial spreads and strongly regular graphs.
  8. Notes on Kasami graphs. This bears on our material relating chromatic number and rank in Chapter 8.

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