On July 6, 2015, in the small village of La Vacquerie in the south of France, a group of 14 matroid theorists gathered at the house of geometer Henry Crapo for a week-long workshop in structural matroid theory. As the organiser for the workshop's program, I am pleased to provide video recordings for each of the talks, which appear below in chronological order. Talk titles link to the slides or supplementary notes where they exist.

Henry Crapo: Whitney algebras

Francesco Regonati, University of Bologna: Whitney algebras, Part II

Rudi Pendavingh, Eindhoven University of Technology: Counting matroids

Jorn van der Pol, Eindhoven University of Technology: Counting matroids, Part II

Carolyn Chun, Brunel University London: A splitter theorem for internally 4-connected graphs and binary matroids

Irene Pivotto, University of Western Australia: A first step in decomposing near-regular matroids

James Oxley, Louisiana State University: A wheels and whirls theorem for 3-connected 2-polymatroids

Dillon Mayhew, Victoria University of Wellington: Clutters: a survey

Geoff Whittle, Victoria University of Wellington: Rota's conjecture (in two parts)

Charles Semple, University of Canterbury: Submodular functions and optimising biodiversity

Peter Nelson, University of Waterloo: Binary submatroids

Rutger Campbell, University of Waterloo: Dense triangle-free binary matroids

Gordon Royle, University of Western Australia: Merino-Welsh conjecture for series-parallel graphs

Mike Newman, University of Ottawa: Welsh's n-r-b problem