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Our professors have been recognized by a variety of research awards. Quick link to our Departments and School to see awards in this millennium.

Department of Applied Mathematics



Joseph Emerson: Early Researcher Award


De Sterck, Hans: Early Researcher Award

Ingalls, Brian: Early Researcher Award


Kempf, Achim: Canada Research Chair


Kempf, Achim: Premier: Research Excellence Award

Miskovic, Zoran: Premier: Research Excellence Award


Department of Combinatorics & Optimization



Goulden, Ian: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


Jao, David Yen: Early Researcher Award

Swamy, Chaitanya: Early Researcher Award

Vanstone, Scott: Ontario Premier: Innovation Catalyst Award for lifetime leadership in innovation


Andris Ambainis: Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship


Konemann, Jochen: Early Researcher Award


Geelen, Jim: Coxeter-James Prize

Haxell, Penny: Krieger-Nelson Prize

Nayak, Ashwin: Early Research Award

Vavasis, Stephen: University Research Chair

Wormald, Nick: Euler Medal


Jackson, David: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Konemann, Jochen: IBM Faculty Award

Leung, Debbie: Canada Research Chair


Cunningham, Bill: University Research Chair

Teske, Edlyn: Premier’s Research Excellence Award


Geelen, Jim: Fulkerson Prize, Canada Research Chair

Guenin, Bertrand: Fulkerson Prize, Premier: Research Excellence Award

Wormald, Nick: Canada Research Chair


Mosca, Michele Canada Research Chair


Menezes, Alfred: Hall Medal


Geelen, Jim: Premier: Research Excellence Award

Haxell, Penny: Premier: Research Excellence Award

Mosca, Michele: Premier: Research Excellence Award


David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science



Cleve, Richard: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Li, Ming: Killam Prize in Engineering

Ma, Bin: CACS Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Prize


Aboulnaga, Ashraf: Early Researcher Award

George, Alan: SIAM Fellow

Li, Ming: University Professor, Ontario Premier's Innovation Award- Discovery Award

Lubiw, Anna: ACM Distinguished Scientist

Ma, Bin: Ontario Premier: Innovation Award-Best Young Innovator

Munro, Ian: ACM Fellow

Shallit, Jeff: ACM Distinguished Scientist


Cleve, Richard: CAP-CRM Prize in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Ilyas, Ihab: Early Researcher Award

Poupart, Pascal: Early Researcher Award


Li, Ming: IEEE Fellow

Storjohann, Arne: Early Researcher Award


Brown, Daniel: Early Researcher Award

Larsen, Kate: Early Researcher Award

Li, Ming: Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, ADC Fellow

Munro, Ian: University Professor

Nayak, Ashwin: Early Researcher Award

Ozsu, Tamer: 2006 ACM SIGMOD Contributions Award, ADC Fellow


Chan, Timothy: University Research Chair

Holt, Ric: 16th among the top 30 of Canada's IT Movers & Shakers (Computer Canada)

Toman, David: Early Researcher Award (previously Premier's Research Excellence Award)

Tompa, Frank: Excellence in Graduate Supervision

Wong, Johnny: University Research Chair

Wong, Johnny: David R. Cheriton Faculty Fellowship


Brzozowski, John; George, Alan; Munro, Ian; Simpson, Bruce; Taylor, David: NSERC grant holders for 25 yrs. or more

Cleve, Richard: IQC Chair in Quantum Computing

Holt, Ric: NSERC/Nortel Networks Chair for Telecommunications Software Engineering

Keshav, Srinivasan: Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Tetherless Computing

Labahn, George; Geddes, Keith and Giesbrecht, Mark: NSERC Synergy Award for Innovation - Maple

Li, Ming: Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Bioinformatics

Munro, Ian: Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Algorithm Design

Ozsu, Tamer: University Research Chair

Shallit, Jeff: Faculty of Mathematics Fellowship

Stinson, Doug: University Research Professor


Boutaba, Raouf: Faculty of Math Fellowship

Forsyth, Peter: Faculty of Math Fellowship

Labahn, George: Marsland Faculty Fellowship

Li, Ming: CASP conference competition victory (with Jinbo Xu)

Munro, Ian: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


Mavaddat, Farhad: Fellow of the British Computer Society


Boutaba, Raouf: IEEE Senior Member

Godfrey, Michael: NSERC Nortel Networks Ind. Res. Chair in Telecom. SWE Eng

Li, Ming: Killam Research Fellowship

Stinson, Doug: Faculty of Mathematics Fellowship

Van Beek, Peter: Best paper at Canadian AI Conference (with his grad students)

Wong, Johnny: Faculty of Mathematics Fellowship


Boutaba, Raouf: Premier's Research Excellence Award

Chan, Timothy: Premier's Research Excellence Award

Frey, Brendan: Premier's Research Excellence Award

Munro, Ian: Marsland Faculty Fellow

Ozsu, Tamer: Mathematics Faculty Fellowship


Department of Pure Mathematics



Stewart, Cameron: Fields Institute Fellow


Davidson, Ken: University Professor

Djokovic, Dragomir: Distinguished Professor Emeritus


Davidson, Ken: Fields Institute Fellow


Csima, Barbara: NSERC University Faculty Award

Liu, Yu-Ru: G. de B. Robinson Award (CMS)

Park, Doug: Mathematics Faculty Fellowship

Spronk, Nico: Canadian Mathematical Society Award for Outstanding Dissertation

Stewart, Cameron: University Professor


Nica, Alexandru: Mathematics Faculty Fellowship


Liu, Yu-Ru: NSERC University Faculty Award

Stewart, Cameron: Canada Research Chair


Nica, Alexandru: Premier's Research Excellence Award


Stewart, Cameron: Mathematics Faculty Fellowship


Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science



Thompson, Mary: Elizabeth L. Scott Award from the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies


Thompson, Mary: CIHR-CMAJ Top Canadian Achievements in Health Research Award


Bernard, Carole: NAAJ Best Paper Prize

Cook, Richard: CRM-SSC Prize in Statistics

McLeish, Don: Gold Medal of the Statistical Society of Canada

Panjer, Harry: President, ASTIN (2007-8)


Boyle, Phelim: University Professor

Thompson, Mary: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Zhu, Mu: Inaugural recipient of AusCan Scholar award


Boyle, Phelim: Sungard Financial Engineer of the Year Award

Chen, Jiahua:CRM-SSC Price in Statistics

Cook, Richard: CRC in Statistical Methods for Health Research

Drekic, Steve: President, Canadian Operational Research Society (2005-6)


Hardy, Mary: CIBC Chair in Financial Risk Management

Tan, Ken Seng: CRC in Quantitative Risk Management

Thompson, Mary: University Professor

Yi, Grace: NSERC University Faculty Award


Thompson, Mary: Gold Medal of the Statistical Society of Canada


Chiu, Grace: Pierre Robillard Award for the Best PhD in Statistics in Canada

Godambe, Vidyadhar: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

McLeish, Don: The Canadian Journal of Statistics Award

Panjer, Harry: President, Society of Actuaries (2002-3)


Cutler, Colleen: CRM-SSC Prize in Statistics

Godambe, Vidyadhar: Honorary Member of the Statistical Society of Canada

Willmot, Gordon: Munich Re Chair in Insurance


Brown, Robert L.: President, Society of Actuaries (2000-2001)

Lawless, Jerry: Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada