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Transferring from Regular to Co-op

Admission decisions for the co-operative programs in the Faculty of Mathematics are normally made when a student first applies to the University of Waterloo and the Faculty of Mathematics. Since some co-op students choose not to follow through with their admission, or others switch out of co-op for personal or academic reasons, a number of openings are created for students wishing to transfer into co-op from regular programs in the Faculty of Mathematics. Such transfer requests are considered at the end of each academic term.

Each term the Associate Dean - Co-operative Studies (Math) and the Assistant Director - Math (CECS) invite applications from those regular Math students who wish to transfer into co-op. Students may not transfer to co-op prior to the completion of their 1B term. Information sessions are held in mid March/July/November so students in the regular program may explore the possibility of switching to the co-op option. Notices of these information sessions are posted in the MUO in early March/July/November. Applications to transfer from regular to co-op are due on the last day of lectures each term.

Admission to the various co-op programs in Math is very competitive. Regular students seeking admission to co-op must compete for limited spaces; therefore, grades become an extremely important part of the application. Historically, the number of students admitted to co-op each term has ranged from 15 - 20. The cumulative average of ALL first year (1A & 1B) courses is used in the decision-making process and varies each term depending on the number of applicants. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the average that will be used each term to make admission decisions. In recent terms the cut-off average has been greater than 80% (CAV). The ideal applicant will pass five courses in each of their 1A and 1B terms. All applicants must be no further than 2A (including transfer credits) when they are admitted to co-op in Math and must be prepared to complete a total of eight full-time terms and five work terms.

All UW students who are in good standing are eligible to apply for admission to co-op in Math. Students studying on a student authorization visa must accept that some restrictions will apply: visa students' work terms are restricted to Canada (and/or their country of citizenship) and those students must obtain a temporary work visa from Immigration Canada (a process that may take up to 12 weeks) as well as a Social Insurance Number (SIN) before beginning their work term. In addition, visa students are not eligible for work with the Federal Government of Canada (any position advertised by the Public Service Commission of Canada [PSC]). CECS will assist international students in obtaining their temporary work visas from Immigration Canada.

Successful applicants will normally be registered as co-op students in their next scheduled academic term and will follow that term with their first work term. After that, the normal alternating study/work term sequence will be followed. The Associate Dean and the Assistant Director will review applications once all Year 1 marks are available. Offers of admission will be made to successful applicants prior to their 2A term. (Note: Successful applicants will need to drop their pre-enrolled courses as soon as possible so that JobMine can be activated in order to begin the work term application process.)

There is no need for you to meet with the associate Dean or the Assistant Director prior to the information session. All interested students should attend the next scheduled information session (check with MUO staff for the date of the next scheduled session) to clarify their personal circumstances as well as any questions that may pertain to the application process).

Last Modified:  Thursday 6 January 2011