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Graduate Studies

Graduate Student Seminar Series

The Graduate Student Seminar Series provide Applied Mathematics graduate students opportunities to present their work in an informal setting. Seminars are held weekly throughout the term. Anyone may attend the seminars, though students presenting can assume the audience has a background in Applied Mathematics.

Research topics, or any subject related to the field of applied mathematics may be presented at the series. Graduate students are strongly encouraged to be involved in the seminars and to give presentations, for both feedback on their ideas and to practice their presentation skills. In addition, prizes for the best seminar per semester are being awarded!

Seminar Series 2008

Seminar Series 2009

Seminar Series 2011

Seminar Series 2012



For further information please contact:

Helen Warren
Applied Mathematics Graduate Office
Email: amgrad (at) math (dot) uwaterloo (dot) ca
Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 33170


Last Modified:  Wednesday 7 March 2012